After Care

Genuine fur does require love and care, but in return it could last a lifetime!

Following these tips will help to ensure your Dolcie London fur will give you years of warmth and glamorous look. 
Once you receive your Dolcie London garment, please note there may be some shedding. This is totally normal as the item is made from natural fur and it’s nearly unavoidable. Leave your fur hanged away from touching other garments for the fur to settle in the first few days. Shedding will decrease gradually on its own. 

  • Avoid spraying cosmetic products directly on the fur such as perfume, hair spray, etc.
  •  If you get your garment wet, simply shake the fur, removing as much water as possible and hand to dry at a room temperature. Please do not use hair dryer.
  • Use broad padded hanger and store in the darkest, coolest closet. Do not use a plastic garment bag to store your fur, natural fur needs air circulation to breathe and avoid drying out.
  • We recommend to clean your fur once a year by professional furrier cleaner. Even if you do not wear it as often, genuine fur gathers oils, dust, etc. Professional cleaning will add extra shine and keep it from becoming matted. 

If you have any further questions about how to look after your item, please get in touch we will be happy to assist you. 


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